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Crossroads-Connection is a Christian community service organization that provides a Weekend Food Program for needy children in the public schools of Gainesville and Haymarket, Virginia.  Our goal is to alleviate hunger as an obstruction to classroom learning.  Sustained by a faithful and growing community of donors and volunteers, we operate as a chartered club of Heritage Hunt and a ministry of Riverside Presbyterian Church.  We welcome all who desire to support this mission.

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2. Transition Announcement (4/2018)

News / summer 2018

Crossroads-Connection is a local charity dependent entirely on the goodwill of donors like you.  Every dollar received goes to the purchase of food.  If you wish to donate, see the information below to donate online or by check


41 weekends

1. Aug 27/28: 3 weekends
2. Sep 17/18: 4
3. Oct 15/16: 4
4. Nov 12/13: 5
5. Dec 17/18: 4
6. Jan 14/15: 4
7. Feb 11/12: 4
8. Mar 11/12: 4
9. Apr 8/9: 5
10. May 13/14: 4


  • For general information, see the link above to “Transition Announcement (4/2018)” for downloading.
  • As steps are taken to make the transition complete you can read about them here.
  • The Giffords are meeting regularly with a newly formed committee on transition at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Haymarket. The target date for completing the process is December 31, 2018.


  • New Contacts for Crossroads-Connection:
  • Additional Steps In Near Future:
    • Review current menu for nutrition and prices
    • Decide on Summer Weekend Food Program and how it will function
  •  Anyone wishing to serve on the committee or offer suggestions or feedback is invited to contact Dave Gifford at


 Does your child need Volunteer Service Hours?  Contact to learn how he or she can help.


On February 20, 2018, Dr. Brian Engleman, a demographer for Prince William County, made a power point presentation to the Giving Circle of Heritage Hunt.  Although his topic is broad, the primary focus is on the area of Gainesville and Haymarket.  The issues of poverty and hunger are of particular interest to Crossroads-Connection.  With his permission, the entire presentation is available HERE for your viewing.


The Challenge

Crossroads-Connection works with counselors at local public schools to provide weekend food for children in need.  Funding comes from local churches and church organizations, the Heritage Hunt Women's Organization, the Giving Circle of Heritage Hunt, local businesses, and individual donors.  The number of children served each year depends on available funding.

Looking Back In Time...  Just 2 years ago our organization was reaching 40 children at 4 schools.  Today, thanks to donors and volunteers, we helping 83 children at twice as many schools.  The need is great.  Can you help?

The 2017–2018 School Year Commitment is to serve 83 children:

  • Bull Run Middle School:  12 children
  • Glenkirk Elementary School:  3 children
  • Gravely Elementary School:  13 children
  • Mt. View Elementary School:  4 children
  • PACE West School:  13 children
  • Piney Branch Elementary School:  14 children
  • Tyler Elementary School:  14 children
  • Buckland Mills Elementary School:  10 children

The Details

Shopping, Packing, & Delivery

  • Volunteers organize to shop bi-monthly or as needed at local stores
  • Packing is monthly with 15-20 volunteers
  • Delivery is monthly

Food Provided is non-perishable, high protein, low sugar.  Items may vary from time to time. 

  • Cereal - instant oatmeal
  • Milk - low fat white and chocolate
  • Fruit - applesauce and boxed raisins
  • Dinners - variety of Chef Boyardee and Cup Noodles
  • Snack Items - protein bars, peanuts
  • Salty Snacks - Cheez-Its, peanut butter crackers
  • Sweet Snacks - Rice Krispies Treats, protein bars

Individuals Seeking Volunteer Service Hours Always Welcome!

We use SignUpGenius for routine volunteer signups.


Cost per Child per 10-month School Year


Budget for 2017–2018

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